From Fast Food: Roadside Restaurants in the Automobile Age

“…when Americans travel, a near total dependence on restaurants prevails. Indeed, one of the highest pleasures of tourist travel is that of eating out. The restaurant looms as an important way to experience new localities, even, paradoxically, when the tourist relies on chain restaurants that are very much alike from one locale to another.”


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  1. Airlines also emphasized food as a way of experiencing the new and exotic.

    From: Hors d’oeuvres Around the World, collected by Elizabeth Hunter, Women’s Travel Consultant for Qantas Airways

    “For me, as Travel Consultant with Qantas, Australia’s round the world airline, travel is the fascinating process of learning about the world—the process of actually visiting all the countries Qantas flies to, so that I can tell people (especially the ladies) what a great experience travel really is. This I hope will stimulate their imagination to the degree where they have a compulsive desire to jump on a jet and GO! … Now too, you can recreate those exotic tastes and re-experience a memorable moment of travel in the company of family and friends back home.”

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