programming: chimi trucks

parked along broad street, dozens of different food trucks serve up dominican chimichurris to residents of south providence.

read more here and here.



programming: haven bros. diner

perhaps the oldest of the providence food trucks, haven brother’s diner started out as a horse-drawn lunch cart in the late 19th century. the legendary cart even made jane and michael stern’s list at roadfood.

listen to an npr story about the diner, here. and enjoy another article here.

not sure if we’d be able to convince the food truck away from their regular beat, but i think it’d be worth a shot!


programming: hewtin’s dog mobile.

another recent arrival to the providence food truck scene is hewtin’s dog mobile. run by restaurateurs krisiten and matt gennuso, of chez pascal, the dog mobile serves up sausages and hot dogs with your choice of gourmet relish. read more about the truck here!


programming: sugarush cupcake truck

a new mobile cupcake truck coming soon to providence! the above recipe was featured in the brochure for the eighth annual Craftland show this winter. as a new company, these guys might be especially interested in participating in our showcase of local food trucks. i’ll be contacting them soon, and in the meantime, i might need to bake some of these cupcakes. yum.

programming: food trucks


hope everyone is enjoying the winter break!

a few weeks ago, when the programming team met to discuss some possibilities for events, one of our ideas was to organize a showcase of local food trucks: a kind of play on the theme of food and travel.

one of my tasks this winter break is to do some research on the possibilities for the project. over the next few weeks i’ll be writing posts about some of food trucks that we might ask to join the showcase, as well as posting links to other articles and related projects to help get the creative juices flowing.

i’m pretty excited about what i’ve found so far. as always, feedback and comments are welcome!



photo: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

inspiration: maira kalman post

a little food on the move inspiration from the ever-clever maira kalman.

i’d love to hear what you guys think about her latest project.



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