Steamship Stories – Dining on the Baltimore Mail Line

Baltimore Mail Line brochure (c. 1930)
Description of the dining saloon on the Baltimore Mail Line

The dining saloon — light, airy, with snowy linen, gleaming glass and silverware, deft, unhurried service, famous food. And again spaciousness—every passenger has his place at a table and all can be seated at one time. Hence you can choose any time you wish for dining during meal hours.


Steamship Stories – 2nd Class on an Anchor Line Steamship

Notes for Anchor Line Transatlantic Steamships Brochure (1912)
Description of second cabin accommodations:

Staterooms accommodating two, three and four persons are situated on the main deck, near amidships and comfortable in every way. Passengers are provided with all necessaries for the voyage, including a liberal and varied bill of fare. Meals are served in special dining room by attentive stewards, and experienced matrons look after the comfort of women and children. A part of promenade deck is reserved for use of second-cabin passengers on each steamer.

Photo of stagecoach

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   I found this photo of a mail coach in Stoddard, New Hampshire, which is where the taproom comes from.  Enjoy!  (It came from the website below)     –Meghan

Photos: November 19, 2009