Programming Meetings, February 25 & 26, 2010

FOTM programming activities are taking shape. The Programming Committee met with Richard on Feb. 26 to go over our ideas for programming, and particularly the opening.

The components of programming will be:

1. Opening reception on April 14

– Looking into the feasibility of having a speaker give a lecture prior to reception.
– Invitations should go out in about 2 weeks. Richard would like to mail paper invites. Sara and Elena are planning to meet with Richard and Creative Services late next week to go over design elements for exhibit panels and invitations.
– Guests will receive paper program which features historical recipe or food related item
– Richard is looking into airline caterers catering the reception using airline food carts. Otherwise Johnson and Wales students will do the catering.

2. Small Bites blog (
– Erin Boyle designed the blog which will explore the spices and stories of Rhode Island’s local eateries. These aren’t restaurant reviews but musings on food and place. We welcome and encourage contributions from other FOTM members!
– The blog will be going live shortly, and we will post an update when that happens.
– The blog will also be the main web presence from which to promote the exhibition. There is also a Twitter account whose feed will appear on the blog.

3. Kennedy Plaza Event (tentative)
– Researching the possibility of having a booth at Kennedy Plaza in conjunction with a program already taking place there sometime in May.
– This would give the exhibition and its concepts exposure to people who might not necessarily visit the museum.
– Include an interactive activity that makes people think about food and travel.
– Also an opportunity to distribute promotional materials.


public programming meeting – january 29, 2010

Results from discussion at Public Programming Meeting, January 29, 2010

Three main events/projects to plan:

1.    opening reception at Johnson and Wales

2.    cell phone tour of relating sites around Providence

3.    possible third event, to take place at location beyond johnson &  wales

Details/issues discussed:

1. opening reception
contingent partially on how exhibit comes together
hope to serve food related to exhibit subject

2. cell phone tour
self-guided tour focusing on related sites around providence
hope to integrate an oral history component into the tour
bring in food truck interviews/site visits in effort to broaden scope of exhibit–will be especially interesting as a way to discuss the people serving the food, too

3. film festival


provides an alternative way to invite community participation beyond the exhibit walls
could allow for the expansion of ideas addressed in exhibit
possibility to use newly restored Xavier auditorium, at downtown J&W campus

difficulty in procuring films closely related to subject matter, that  will also draw an interested audience
films need to be appropriate for community screenings

cost of screening rights – adds up quickly for multiple films significant time and energy could be spent working on a project that has less impact than hoped for

hoping that we will be able to reach a wider audience, and explore potentially more interesting topics by devoting more attention to planning the cell-phone tour  – given time/participation restraints, might be more useful to focus on dynamic cell phone tour rather than planning film screenings where participation might be limited

Meeting Minutes: Public Programming Team, 11/30/09

programming: chimi trucks

parked along broad street, dozens of different food trucks serve up dominican chimichurris to residents of south providence.

read more here and here.


programming: haven bros. diner

perhaps the oldest of the providence food trucks, haven brother’s diner started out as a horse-drawn lunch cart in the late 19th century. the legendary cart even made jane and michael stern’s list at roadfood.

listen to an npr story about the diner, here. and enjoy another article here.

not sure if we’d be able to convince the food truck away from their regular beat, but i think it’d be worth a shot!


programming: hewtin’s dog mobile.

another recent arrival to the providence food truck scene is hewtin’s dog mobile. run by restaurateurs krisiten and matt gennuso, of chez pascal, the dog mobile serves up sausages and hot dogs with your choice of gourmet relish. read more about the truck here!


programming: sugarush cupcake truck

a new mobile cupcake truck coming soon to providence! the above recipe was featured in the brochure for the eighth annual Craftland show this winter. as a new company, these guys might be especially interested in participating in our showcase of local food trucks. i’ll be contacting them soon, and in the meantime, i might need to bake some of these cupcakes. yum.